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Powered By You Training Studio Success Stories

  • "The facility is very personal to me and my trainer. When you're there, even if someone else is training, I feel I have undivided instruction and attention. I have met some new people that I am glad to call friends. Chelsey pushes me to what she knows I can do to make me feel more confident and gain the strength needed to move on and be the person I was made to be!"

    Dawn K.
  • "What I LOVE about the PBY studio is that I have found an exercise routine that I absolutely love doing. I feel as if Amy researches the best nutrition programs to offer clients as well. (I highly recommend the Healthy Habits KICK START!!) The workouts in the small group classes are challenging, change daily, the early morning class fits perfectly into my schedule year-round, I saw results quickly, and the people I get to work out with every day are fun and supportive. I love that the workouts Austen and Amy create can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels or random injuries/aches/pains and I feel as if I am getting a great workout in 30 minutes. A bonus is that both are just great people as well and I feel as if the PBY trainers want to help me achieve whatever health and fitness goals I have. I truly look forward to going every morning!"

    Laura E.
  • "I just want to give a huge thank you to my amazing trainer for pushing me and showing me what I can accomplish. Today was my last day of summer training and I have came out a stronger and better person because of her. I have never been more proud of myself than I am right now. In only three months I have proved to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I can actually say I am happy with my body and the way I look. I will continue working my butt off and proving to everyone that with a little motivation and determination you can achieve just about anything. Thank you for everything Amy Abraham."

    Allie H
  • "Personally I think yoga has had a huge impact on my bad back and neck! Courtney makes it fun and peaceful yet intense. Yoga can be a game changer when added to strength training and cardio. I love Courtney! She has changed my life and she's just cool to hang out with. Take a class with Courtney. I guarantee you will keep coming back. P. S. Yoga is not easy! But so worth it........."

    Erika K
  • "This is a great place to train. The atmosphere is totally conducive to getting into shape and the trainers are all great. There is not a better place to get the one-on-one guidance and advice on training for beginners all the way to people who have been training and working out for years."

    Ryan A
  • "I've been training with Suzanne Digre at Powered By You for a couple of months now. As a personal trainer myself, I'm pretty picky about where I train. This studio is gorgeous! Great location with lots of parking, brand new equipment, plenty of space and one on one attention. If you're not a fan of group fitness or working out with lots of people watching, definitely check it out."

    Robyn S
  • "Recently, I trained at the studio with Zan. She is fabulous! Zan greeted me at each session with a personalized exercise plan that took into my growing belly (I was pregnant throughout my workouts with her). Zan is friendly, calm, and VERY knowledgeable. The studio itself is gorgeous. The space is clean and modern with all new equipment. At most, one other trainer and client were in the gym with me during my workout. I would highly recommend Zan and Powered By You to anyone looking for a fantastic personal training experience."

    Ashley B
  • "Powered By You Training Studio has provided the motivation and encouragement I needed to jumpstart my fitness program for life. Amy and all of the trainers are experts in technique and movement and have pushed me to reach my goals and levels of strength, balance, and overall fitness I thought I would never achieve after having two kids. I love the fun, friendly, easy going atmosphere. I had been to many gyms and have tried to workout at home, but I never saw results. Working with Amy and going to the studio has really encouraged me to push harder and do things I would never do in a gym or at home on my own. I love the small group setting. The bootcamps are great and they offer flexible hours which is nice with a busy family schedule. The trainers are not intimidating, they want to see you succeed and love what they do. I would highly recommend the studio and all the trainers!!"

    Hilary S
  • "Hi Amy, I just want to tell you what you probably already know…(our daughter) is doing so well. I saw her assessment today…and it's wonderful progress.. Her Dad and I have noticed the change in her body as well as her attitude. And I mean her all over attitude, she just is so much happier. Not so negative and disgruntled. I am so glad we found you :) :) :)"

    Julie S
  • "After reading an article about the Powered By You Studio I drove by there and found the owner Amy Abraham, explained my situation, and she asked Zan Brazil, a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in working with senior citizens and people who have physical limitations, injuries or other body challenges to work with me. A thorough assessment was completed, and I obtained a release from my physician. After my first two weeks (6 work-outs) working with Zan Brazil and I was totally stunned at what had happened to me! Now, in addition to the work-outs with Zan at the studio, I am breathing better, climb stairs more easily, can garden with my wife and have been taking 1 to 3 hour hikes even at higher altitudes!"

    Tristam C
  • "Amy, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have helped me to accomplish. You are a wonderful friend, coach, mentor and trainer. You made me believe in myself again and never gave up on me. Working out with you has become my favorite part of my week. Thank you from the bottom of my drastically improved heart."

  • "Amy… just a little stat to show you how awesome and motivating you are as a trainer and friend. I tried on a dress today for our rehearsal dinner and I am down 2 dress sizes and we still have 3 weeks to go! Bikini body might happen!!!"

  • "The studio is comfortable, clean and unpretentious, it has free coffee too, and various music for your workout… It has a well-rounded staff with experience and like what they do… Amy is our trainer and is a professional who has the ability to adjust your workout to meet your everyday life conditions, like your aliments… Amy has the biggest heart and will tell you when you are slacking in a kind and loving voice. She will give you a personal program and if you do as she says you will see results."

  • "Amy – you have made a difference in my life this summer. Not only in the fitness aspect – but to workout alongside my parents has been a blessing. I’m amazed at all they can do! Thank you for working with them and allowing me to ‘pop-in’. I am grateful. You are a wealth of knowledge and encouraging."

    Erin O
  • "I love the personal, private feel of the studio. Jeremy knows how to motivate me and keeps things challenging. Now workouts are something to look forward to, not dread! I have lost several inches and have muscle definition. I would not have been able to achieve this on my own."

  • "Originally I really liked the idea of the PBY studio being very intimate. I never attended any other gym and the huge 24 Hr gyms intimidated me (not easy to do). After initial adjustment I realized Darcy, Amy and Zan are very motivating, supportive and friendly. On top of it I started to feel better (imagine that) and discovered, thanks to Darcy, the benefit of "rolling." No back pain.... is it possible? As the time went on I started to feel more comfortable..... yelling at my trainers, making up excuses and cheated from time to time. Now if I can't go to my class I miss it - NO KIDDING."



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