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Courtney Taucher

Courtney Taucher – Certified Personal Trainer

A Bit About Me

Helping people, my passion for fitness, conquering personal goals and experiencing Colorado are what motivate me. I started in the mental health field in 2003 and have enjoyed many opportunities including counseling, supervising, management as well as teaching at a university. I am beyond grateful and excited that I now get to help others discover what is possible and assist them toward conquering their own personal goals.

As I began my career in mental health I was also dealing with my own fitness and health concerns. I spent years morbidly obese and in seeking a solution, tried all the trends that came along. Finding an effective solution was an enormous challenge. Finally I found a realistic nutrition strategy and, after a more than 100 pounds weight loss, I started exercising.

My relationship with exercise didn’t start as a fiery romance but rather as a slow, “let’s be friends”. It involved allowing myself to try activities I never thought I could do, giving myself a push outside my comfort zone, and making a commitment to a plan. My beliefs were shattered as to what was possible when it came to my body and strength.

Training Philosophy

I believe in Functional Training, which means first strengthening from deep inside and working out. I help people to build a strong inner core, balance, endurance and strength. I’m cognizant of the relationship between muscles, joints, muscle imbalances and how to maximize each movement to be most effective in our daily lives. Together, you and I will develop training goals that I will take to create an individualize training program that will be update regularly to allow your body to continuously be challenged, achieve results and to make sure you have fun!

  • Certified Personal Trainer: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • TRX Suspension Trainer

  • CPR/First Aid and AED certified

  • National Personal Training Institute of Colorado

  • Masters of Arts Counseling Regis University

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