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Experiencing A Halloween (Sugar) Hangover?

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather for Halloween this year! If only it weren't on a Monday, it would have been absolutely perfect. Those of us who help people work on healthy lifestyles, however, don't mind so much that it was on a school and work night, as that prevented many from having a hangover of the true variety and missing their workouts the next day...but what about that candy hangover?

Are you having a hard time waking up in the morning, needing an extra cup of coffee to get going, and desperately needing a nap mid-afternoon even more than usual this week? If so, you've got a sugar hangover! Let's get you back on track right away, starting by selecting one of each of your favorite 3 pieces of candy - make sure they are the minis - and getting the rest of the candy out of the house (do the same for your kids). We recommend selling back to a local business so it can be donated to our troops, a win-win! Find Candy Buyback Locations here!

Keep your fitness in check this week too, here are some approximate guidelines to work off those treats, or at least to help you make an educated choice before you enjoy your next one:

1 Reece's Peanut Butter Cup: Cycle at a brisk pace for 25 minutes

1 Mini Kit Kat Bar: Run for 20 minutes or walk for one hour

1 Mini Almond Joy: 15 minutes of high intensity aerobic or interval training

1 Mini Snickers Bar: 45 minutes of weight lifting

If you overindulged, don't stress about it. Just add a little extra time to workouts this week and be mindful of making healthy food choices. Oh, and get the rest of that candy out of the house!

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