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The Answer to Your Nutrition Questions is Here!

How many diets have you tried that just didn’t work? How many nutrition books have you purchased and either never read or not been able to follow because there was just too much information?


Finally, the nutrition education you’ve been searching for is here! Our comprehensive 12-week workbook is broken into practical sections with just the right amount of information to make it something you can actually use. Each week you’ll study just one topic and set specific, realistic goals that will work with your lifestyle. You will be able to successfully implement the changes you need to make on each subject before moving on to the next chapter. Setting small, achievable goals along the way will keep you from getting overwhelmed, and help ensure you reach your overall goal. A win-win!

Workbook chapters include:

nutritionAn Introduction to a Whole Foods Diet
Dietary Fat
Balanced Meals and Portions
Fueling Your Activity
Environmental Factors
Lifestyle Factors
Resources and Navigating Nutrition Information
How exciting is that? Just twelve weeks to changing your habits and implementing a clean eating lifestyle for good. The workbook is available as a standalone, or can be combined with phone coaching and email support. If you are a PBY client, ask about your discount! Books can be purchased online or in the PBY Studio.

Workbook: $59

Workbook and Coaching $99
Includes an initial consultation and email support throughout the program.

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