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The Bod Pod Is Back!

If you have ever been curious about fitness assessments, I hope you’ll find my Bod Pod experience helpful.

First off, I’m thankful that Powered By You arranged for Mobile Body Metrics to come to their location. The only way I could have expended less effort was if Mobile Body Metrics showed up in front of my home.

Before my appointment, I abided by the following instructions on Mobile Body Metric’s website.

Do not drink, eat or exercise at least 3 hours prior to testing.
Use the restroom before testing, if necessary.
Don’t apply any lotions or skin creams prior to your test.
Remove glasses and jewelry (if possible).
Wear minimal, form-fitting clothing.
On T-minus harsh truth day, I stepped up into the mobile testing unit and the owner of Body Metrics introduced himself. The Bod Pod is the choice of the NFL and elite college teams and since they have access to the best of the best, it was like being them without having to do a 5 second 40 yard dash. The aptly named bod pod is, you guessed it – shaped like a pod. It has a small seat inside and a window to allow you to maintain sanity and avoid claustrophobia. Before you shed layers, you can pull a curtain for privacy. When you signal that you’re ready, the operator will instruct you to climb in and tell you nice things like “We’re almost done”.

There is no way to get locked in the Bod Pod. However, if you are overwhelmed there is a button under your left leg. Press this and the test will end.

The Bod is quick and painless. I only remember two thoughts in that time. It was something along the lines of Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I didn’t get out of shape in one day and within minutes I was out and my results were being printed. Chris Juestel, the owner and operator of Mobile Body Metrics, sat down (isn’t all that sitting what got me here in the first place?) to go over each measurement. I received a breakdown of my body fat percentage and how many pounds are fat and how much is fat free mass (what I’d like to think is my muscle)

The Body Fat Rating Table, aka the report card portion, shows whether your results put you in Risky (body fat is too high) Excess Fat, Moderately Lean, Lean, Ultra Lean and Risky (body fat too low). The most helpful part of the test is finding out your metabolic rate for different activity levels. For instance, if your resting metabolic rate is 1,400, your body requires that many calories each day to maintain your weight if you were doing absolutely nothing but lying in bed. Depending on your activity level: sedentary, low active, etc. you will get a total number of calories your body needs to maintain your current weight.

Now that I know, and knowing is half the battle, doing something is the other half. That said, I’m going to “Fall back into fitness” with increased strength training and a serious conversation with my significant other about those Cheezits that keep finding their way into our house. My trainer, Zan, at PBY is looking forward to incorporating my results into her overall plan for me. With this additional information, Zan, and the other personal trainers at Powered By You, have the tools they need to shape you into shape!

Ryan E.

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