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Why Mollie is our Client of the Month: (From Stef and the whole PBY team) Mollie has been a trooper coming consistently to the 5:30 am total body class since she heard about it. She even participated in a bigger loser challenge I had done last fall and lost a few pounds during the difficult holiday season! Mollie has a positive attitude and is open to all types of workouts. She pushes herself with every exercise, even the ones she hates. She is a great example that the other attendees of the class follow. Not only that, but she is a full-time working mom (and everything that goes with that!), so any of you out there thinking you don’t have time to work out let Mollie be your inspiration. You Rock, Mollie!

About Mollie (age 37): Wife, mother to 2 young kiddos, full time finance professional, outdoor enthusiast and our family’s event planner/chef/chauffer/referee.

Fitness Goals: Stay healthy! I quickly realized after having my children that my ability to drop unwanted weight relatively easy was long gone. I wanted to ensure I got myself in to a fitness routine that not only made me feel better and have more energy but would also help me stay on top of my excess weight gain.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer Stefanie (Mollie has worked with most of the trainers at some point!): When you’re a working mom you have to figure out creative ways to make time for yourself. The 5:30 am small group class has done just that for me. Although, at times it feels dreadfully early this is the time of the day that I can’t make excuses and allows me to clear my head for the day ahead. I love the motivation and friendships I have gained from working out in a small group setting. The variety of the equipment available at the studio and diversity of the workouts keep me from getting burned out.

Favorite Exercise: Jump rope and box jumps

Least Favorite Exercise: Tricep Dips

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