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Amy M.

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Why Amy is our Client of the Month: Amy has trained with me for at least 4 years and when I made the switch to PBY, she was right on board! She has lost over 20 lbs and has changed her eating so it’s a lifestyle not a diet. Her enthusiasm continues to blow me away every time we work together. She never gives up and comes back for more! You rock, Amy!! (From Kristina and the whole PBY team!)

About Amy (age 26): I’m a full time nanny who loves watching and playing sports and also a tattoo enthusiast! I am all about trying new and exciting things, while looking for life’s next adventure. My competitive side can be a bit overwhelming, but the person I compete with the most is myself.

Fitness Goals: My fitness journey has led me on one of the greatest paths of my life. A competitive athlete since the age of 7, my ultimate goal is to compete in a Women’s Body Building Competition. The journey doesn’t stop after I reach that stage, I want to continue striving for the body, mind, and spirit it takes to live a healthy and goal-oriented lifestyle.

“I would rather choke on greatness then nibble on mediocrity!”

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Kristina Wilds: My trainer is the ultimate bada$$. She knows exactly how to push me to my breaking point, but when I say breaking point she is the one on the floor telling me that I can make it, that I can do anything for just 30 more seconds or 1 more minute. She never gives up on me! She is the ultimate role model and definition of strength. If one day I can have half the strength she has, my journey will all be worth it! The studio is a great place where I can focus all my energy on achieving my goals and overcoming my obstacles!

Favorite Exercise: Squats!!! The heavier the better!

Least Favorite Exercise: The Rower…

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