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Why Elaine is our Client of the Month: Elaine has a smile that lights up a room; her positive attitude, gentle spirit and kind demeanor make everyone so comfortable around her. Don’t let that fool you thought, Elaine is one tough woman, she shows up every session and works as hard as she is able. The thing that makes this so impressive is that Elaine has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She is a true inspiration and model of a champion. Champions fall in love with discomfort, and while she would never let you know it, Elaine is uncomfortable every day yet she still shows up. We all feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know and work with a woman of such grace. You’re a Rockstar, Elaine!

About Elaine (age 63): I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in August 2015, and had surgery to remove the tumor. I have always been a healthy person who enjoys exercise, and the doctors said “whatever you do, keep walking! Keep moving!” So during and after my treatment, I have walked almost every day, sometimes small walks a few times a day. Then in January I started training with a personal trainer twice a week, which has been so fun. Amy and Kristina have made it so fun to come to the gym! I also love ballroom dancing and that is my passion. I have three daughters who live all over the world. I love life and am grateful for the past year where I have been able to spend precious time with my daughters, I have been fortunate to travel to Colorado, Michigan, and New Zealand, visit with family and friends, eat delicious food, and have a lot of laughs.

Fitness Goals: I want to keep up my strength to maintain my independence. I don’t want to “body build”, but I want to continue to be able to take walks, get myself up off of a chair or off of the toilet by myself, and keep that independence. I want to keep my dignity and keep my quality of life, that has been so important to me. It feels good to have strong and toned legs after all these years! I thank Amy and Kristina for helping me to keep my independence and quality of life.

Favorite Exercise: Tricep pull downs

Least Favorite Exercise: The figure eight dots on the floor

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