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Why Kellie is our Client of the Month: Kellie is very dedicated, she manages a very busy household with 2 small children, a high schooler and a college freshman. In addition to starting her training during the busy holiday season, she completed the overseeing of a new home, the move and never missed a workout session! Kellie values her time in the gym and always comes prepared to “make it count”! She is an inspiration to me as her trainer, she has set fitness goals and works diligently towards them in the gym and outside the gym. I look forward to seeing the smile on her face when she shatters them! Kellie is a good role model for future clients that say they don’t have time to work out. You rock, Kellie!

About Kellie (age 44): We have four kids and love to be active outdoors in our neighborhood, throughout beautiful Colorado or traveling around the world. As I grow a little older, it’s clear that I need to take care of myself so I can keep up with this crew. For many years, running has been my primary method of exercise but I took it to the next level when I moved here from Ohio in 2004. I trained with “Team in Training” for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and proudly crossed “marathon” off my life list. It was an incredible, empowering experience and I still run regularly with the women I met in that group nearly a decade ago. Although we did two half marathons together this year, I was starting to feel that I’d been neglecting two very important areas of fitness, balance and core strength. I started training with Alicia in November and am already starting to notice a significant improvement in those areas and in overall strength and coordination. I feel energized and can’t imagine a week without my training sessions.

Fitness Goals: Balance, core and overall strength, mental toughness, cardiovascular health and endurance, coordination and confidence, and weight loss and toning.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Alicia Guerra: Alicia approaches personal training like you’d expect someone to approach being a CEO. She is extremely knowledgeable, shows up every day with a great attitude and is always prepared. Her education has been compounded by her own fitness success as well as her focus on yoga and nutrition. I’ve been particularly impressed with her ability to help me work around lower back and neck issues that have bothered me for years. These issues have already decreased as I’ve gained strength and I know that will continue decrease as I progress. Alicia is a great role model for her clients because she lives an active and healthy lifestyle and has plenty of motivating stories to share from her adventures. Most importantly, she will listen with empathy and understanding as I struggle with a tough exercise and make it clear that I’ll still need to finish each and every one! The studio is convenient, clean and friendly and I really like that fact that it is on the smaller side but well-equipped and never crowded. Everyone takes the time to say hello when you go inside and is available to help or answer questions. But what I love the most and the studio is they always have great music playing!

Favorite Exercise: Bench press!

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything involving the big scary rope.

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