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Renee C.

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Why Renee is our Client of the Month: Renee and Amy initially started working together on some corrective exercise and stretching techniques to improve discomfort she was experiencing. Renee was such a good student she quickly progressed and felt ready to try out one of our small group classes. That was nearly two years ago, and it has been just awesome to watch her body put on lean muscle and see all the things she can do! Renee’s (aka “Guns”, have you seen those arms?!) attitude, motivation and commitment are an inspiration to others, and we all love watching her raise the bar for everyone lucky enough to be in one of her groups. You rock, Renee!

About Renee (age 52): I am the Director of Aspen Creek Academy and love working with children. I am blessed with 3 wonderful children of my own. I enjoy hanging out in the mountains, working out, reading, and especially enjoy spending time with my family.

Fitness Goals: My fitness goals are to stay healthy, fit, and toned.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Amy Abraham: I like working out with Amy because she is very motivating, she challenges me, and she is very upbeat.

Favorite Exercise: Arm curls and pull-ups.

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything involving hamstrings!

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