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Katy N.

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Why Katy is our Client of the Month: Katy went from not liking the gym to consistently training three days a week! She always has a positive attitude when she shows up to workout with no questions asked and has never missed a session unless on her death bed. I’m also proud of the fact that Katy has become proficient at just about anything in the gym. Her dedication and hard work are an inspiration to anyone who sees her training! You rock, Katy!

About Katy (age 48): After spending 25 years raising my kids, driving them to all their activities and dedicating all my time to them I had unfortunately let myself get out of shape. My husband and adult kids have been dedicated to fitness for quite some time. After watching my dad’s health fail and his death, my kids asked me to please join them in living healthy because they wanted me around as they got older and had kids of their own. How could I not get fit? My kids want me around! I started going to the gym and even though I made some progress, I can’t say I enjoyed it. Then I met Jeremy, I took a class from him and loved his energy. I started training with him about 2 years ago and since then I have lost 40 pounds, gained lots of muscle, confidence and a truck load of happiness! I am healthier and I love the gym and all the benefits it brings!

Fitness Goals: My fitness goals remain pretty steady. I would like to add more lean muscle, continue to strengthen and embrace the mindset of knowing I can do pretty much anything I want, it’s amazing! I need to get my diet more dialed in so I can achieve the leaner look I am driving for. I always strive to have better cardiovascular conditioning; I believe it’s a continuous process. My goals are to be stronger, leaner, and eating healthier.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Jeremy Ford: Jeremy has such an amazing energy! He encourages me and always has a unique workout planned, we never do the same workout. Jeremy pushes me to realize my body’s true potential. I find I can do things I never imagined I could. Some days he says, “let’s try something new and crazy!” or he hands me really heavy weights, I give him “a look”, is he crazy? Then I realize, I can do anything he throws at me. Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable and can help with all aspects of fitness. Over the past couple years Jeremy has trained the whole Novosel clan and we all love a Jeremy workout! Powered By You is a fantastic studio and all the trainers are very positive, friendly and encouraging! When I arrive for my sessions there is always an upbeat, “glad to see you” vibe!

Favorite Exercise: Moving heavy weights.

Least Favorite Exercise: I am terrible at push-ups but I will continue to work on them.

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