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Why Michala is our Client of the Month: Michala initially came to us when her son turned one and she had a few pounds of baby weight she was having trouble getting off. Her goal was to get back to her pre-baby weight before they started trying for Baby #2. With a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline both in and out of the studio, Michala dialed in her nutrition and didn't miss a workout. In 6 months she lost 8 pounds, dropped 7.2% body fat and brought her BMI down over 2%. You should see how strong she is! Her work ethic is contagious, she brings the level of intensity up in every class she attends and is an inspiration to all of us. You Rock, Michala!

About Michala (age 31): I am a native of Colorado, born and raised in Golden. Moved to Littleton with my husband in 2012 and welcomed our first little boy in September 2014 and will welcome another bundle of joy in April 2017.

Fitness Goals: Continue to incorporate fitness in my everyday life. Continue to surprise myself on what my body is capable of.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainers: I love the feeling of "belonging" that the studio, trainers and other clients offer. I also enjoy how every workout is different and challenging. It is a good outlet for my competitive nature.

Favorite Exercise: Any kind of lifting but mostly core and arms.

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything that has to do with hamstrings.

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