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Why The Mitchell Family are our Clients of the Month: This is one awesome family! They are great role models of making healthy family activities together a priority, and I continue to be impressed at how they manage to make time in their very busy schedules to get workouts in together at least once or twice each week. They are very supportive of each other, but not without a healthy dose of both competition and joking around. They have so much fun together that I look forward to each and every workout with this family! ~Amy

About The Mitchells: Kent (48), Leanne (44), Tess (14) and Adam (12). We are an active family that does a lot together, including working out. If we aren’t at an ice rink for one of the kids or on the golf course then we are either on the lake paddle boarding or walking our lab CJ. Dad is an executive that has him traveling more than we would like. Mom is a project manager working out of her office at home. Both kids love hockey and can’t wait to be on the ice. Tess made varsity golf this year so she is frequently hitting balls while Adam can be found stick handling or shooting pucks in the garage.

Fitness Goals: Our goals started off with the kids. We wanted them to become quicker at hockey and have stronger core for golf. The adults soon saw the benefits and immediately joined in on the sessions. Our goals were to simply get rid of the ‘squishiness’ and develop a stronger core.

What They Like About The PBY Studio and/or Their Trainer, Amy Abraham: We absolutely love Amy! She is always challenging our family in unique ways that make us laugh at ourselves and each other. Her workouts are never boring and we are seeing results. Amy has kids of her own so she really is tuned into how to motivate kids. The small studio atmosphere is perfect for our family.

Favorite Exercise: Kent-fitness challenges; Leanne-side leg lifts; Tess–sprints; Adam-pull ups

Least Favorite Exercise: Kent-running; Leanne-heismans; Tess–push ups; Adam- v-sits

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