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Tracy S.

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Why Tracy is our Client of the Month: Tracy is one of those ideal clients! She gives nothing but 110% intensity during her workouts. She is always willing to try anything, even if it looks strange or hard. Tracy is a great client to work with because she loves to be pushed and always meets any challenge I put before her. She has been extremely dedicated and fun to work with! Rock on Tracy!!

About Tracy (age 51): I am a busy mom and step mom to four boys ranging from 4 year old twins to almost 13. I also work fulltime as the VP of Business Development for a firm out of Tampa. I love running and before having kids, completed four marathons, including the privilege of running Boston twice, with one of those resulting in a PR of 3:30. Now that the boys are getting a little older and I have a little more time, I would like to get back into marathon shape. I also love skiing, hiking and playing with the boys.

Fitness Goals: As an older mom, it is especially important for me to stay healthy and fit so I can keep up with my little guys. My goals are to build core and leg strength to assist with my running. And, I love having nicely toned and defined arms.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Zan Brazil: I really love Zan and PBY, not only do I get great results but the atmosphere of the gym and Zan’s attitude are so welcoming and encouraging, not at all intimidating like the ‘big box’ gyms.

Favorite Exercise: Don’t really have a favorite – running

Least Favorite Exercise: Planks after a lot of other arm exercises…

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