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Alex K.

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Why Alex is our Client of the Month: Alex is such a great presence at the studio! She has been with us most of the time we have been open and has done private training, small group classes, and our summer bootcamps at the park. She has worked out with just about every trainer at the studio, and is adored by all! We have loved watching Alex gain in confidence and skill and come from being hesitant to even come in the door, to welcoming new clients to class and happy to offer assistance if she sees someone having trouble. She makes us proud! Her dedication, commitment, honesty and most of all sense of humor keep us all on our toes. Thank you for being such a part of our studio family, Alex!

About Alex, age 48 (can’t believe…so I don’t) Well…I never thought I would have to describe myself but here you go: efficient, focused, practical, direct and realistic that is all the positives you get about me. The other spectrum of adjectives would be impatient, competitive, insensible and bossy. I am absolutely crazy about my dog Dumbo (you would be too if you knew him) and I love the mountains. I wish I could say my hiking skills are excellent but that would be a lie. I love my job as an RN and cannot imagine doing anything else. I came to Colorado 14 years ago and haven’t regretted my decision for a second.

Fitness Goals: Sure I would like to lose some weight and look like Jennifer Aniston (hey stop laughing she is almost my age) but since I describe myself as REALISTIC we know that will never happen. I like, however, getting stronger, more energetic and developing some muscles. Actually the truth is, I did start attending PBY because my husband, whom I bought the gift certificate for, refused to use it, so….here I am almost two years later. His gift certificate happened to be best gift for myself. To have a goal or not to have it?… is way too late to think about it- I am sucked in.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio: Originally I really liked the idea of the PBY studio being very intimate. I never attended any other gym and the huge 24 Hour gym intimidated me (not easy to do). After initial adjustment I realized the trainers are all very motivating, supportive and friendly. On top of it I started to feel better (imagine that) and discovered the benefit of “rolling”. No back pain….is it possible? As the time went on I started to feel more comfortable…..yelling at my trainers, making up excuses and cheating from time to time. Now if I can’t go to my class I miss it- NO KIDDING.

Favorite Exercise: Plank. I could do it so well until the mean trainers started to add variation to it.

Least Favorite Exercise: ANY CARDIO….and I cannot stress this enough!

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