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Sue B.

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Why Sue is our Featured Client of the Month: As a trainer, I couldn’t ask for a better client than Sue! Her commitment to accomplishing her goals is truly inspiring. Sue is an over-comer, and has more determination than I have ever seen. It is a joy to work with someone so dedicated both inside and outside the studio. Sue has already made tremendous progress toward her ultimate goals and on average she has improved her strength and endurance by 145% (410% in lower body alone!) and has also gained immensely in balance and flexibility. With this type of commitment it’s not surprising that she has also seen significant improvements in weight loss (over 20lbs!) and body composition. Rock on Sue!

About Sue (age 50): I have 3 grown children, who are my proudest accomplishments. They are special people! I have 3 loving dogs, who think I am the center of the universe. I am blessed to have been able to retire last year. I am able to enjoy more time to do the things I love. Of course, my workouts and walks being the first priority. I thoroughly enjoy an afternoon in the kitchen cooking. I read constantly. I sit down with my sewing machine almost every day. I love to travel, be outside, and I do NOTHING without music! Oh, and I am remarrying my ex-husband in March. I live a zany life!

Fitness Goals: To continue to improve my strength and overall fitness. I don’t want to be in my 50’s making excuses for how I look! I would like to be the best version of myself moving forward in life. Walking in The Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon was definitely a goal that Zan helped me accomplish. I would like to beat my time next year!!

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Zan Brazil: After my doctor suggested it is a good time in my life to build muscle, I found Powered By You Training Studio. I have never liked the gym scene. I hated lifting weights. I was a runner younger in life and love to walk…nothing else. So my doctors suggestion was a hard medicine to take. Finding the studio and Zan was a blessing. I LOVE the privacy of the studio. It gives me the freedom to exercise without feeling embarrassed and awkward. Zan is truly an amazing trainer. She understands my needs, as I have arthritis, that gets in both of our ways sometimes. She makes training fun! She works with my arthritis on the bad days and works my butt off on the good ones. No 2 workouts ever feel the same! I have so much fun working out now. Who would have believed I would be the strongest I have ever been in my life!! My genuine thanks to Zan and Amy! What a gem I found!

Favorite Exercise: Planks
Least Favorite Exercise: Supermans and Bananas

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