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Why Kasie is our Client of the Month: Kasie came to the studio in the beginning of August wanting to lose roughly 50
pounds. To date, she has lost 30! She is a busy mother of 2 with a full-time job and comes to the studio twice a week
during her lunch hour. What dedication! Outside the studio she focuses on eating whole and nutritious foods in
appropriate portions. Kasie is getting stronger, leaner and more confident with every session and is well on her way to
changing her body composition and her life. Kasie's approach to her weight loss and fitness goals is what makes her
successful: determined, steady and consistent. Kasie is an inspiration to us all and we enjoy working with her and
witnessing her transformation. You rock, Kasie!

About Kasie (age 40): Our family moved to Colorado the summer of 2012. My husband and I wanted our boys, then 3 and
4, to grow up surrounded by the epic outdoors of the Rocky Mountains. Over the past few years we've camped, skied,
hiked and biked all over this amazing state and I feel we've just scratched the surface. Turning 40 was a big milestone for
me. As I watched my sons getting stronger and faster I realized I had serious work to do to get myself back in shape. Like
many new parents I found myself pretty un-prepared for the reality of raising a family. Now that the early years are
behind us, I've learned a few important things about myself, mainly that getting and staying in shape requires vigilance,
consistency and outside accountability. The support of my family and the trainers at Powered By You Fitness have been a
huge inspiration for me. I’m feeling much stronger and more energetic than I have in years. When the boys are ready to
hike the Colorado Trail, I’ll be ready too!

Fitness Goals: Losing extra weight and building strength and endurance so I can do the outdoor activities I love for years to
come- and keep up with my sons!

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Alicia: Alicia is amazing. The variety of workouts she provides
each week far exceeded my expectations. She is the perfect balance of positive attitude, kindness and knowledge of
movement coupled with a push to get you to work harder than you've ever worked before, because she knows you can do
it! The studio is a great space and convenient location. Amy, the owner, and the other trainers I've encountered have gone
out of their way to be friendly and make welcoming. Everyone celebrates your successes!

Favorite Exercise: Squats and Lunges

Least Favorite Exercise: Burpees!

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