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Hilary S.

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Why Hilary is our Client of the Month: Hilary is such a great example of how to balance a crazy busy schedule with a full-time job and family and still make time for her own health and fitness. We selected Hilary for her dedication, commitment and incredibly impressive results from her workouts! In her first 6 months she not only lost a few extra pounds that were hanging on from pregnancy, but also took off 6 inches and increased her strength and endurance by an amazing 62%! She went from doing a few “girl push-ups” to doing 20 perfect push-ups, no knees necessary. Awesome! Hilary is an inspiration to the others she works out with, and to all of us here at the studio. Go Hilary!

About Hilary (age 41): I have two children, ages 12 and 3 who amaze me every day and keep me on my toes. I can be doing Algebra one minute and singing ABCs the next. My “hobby” right now is running my 12 year old around to baseball and basketball every night of the week. I also have a very energetic Labradoodle who demands more attention than my 3 year old at times. After working in the corporate world for over 15 years, I recently made a change to working from home which I love. I work full time as a Marketing Director. When not running around to sporting events, I enjoy any activity outdoors especially with my family.

Fitness Goals: After my second child, my body was just not responding to the same old exercises (walking, jogging, etc.). I have also had a bad knee my entire life, so I wanted to find exercises that could strengthen my knee without injuring myself. Overall, I want to feel good, healthy and strong. I want to challenge myself and be able to keep up with my active kids.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Amy Abraham: Amy understands my goals and personalizes every session to make it fun yet challenging. In the small group classes, she encourages me to push harder and do things I would never do in a regular gym or at home on my own. I really like the group classes. I meet a lot of great women, and we motivate one another. Amy makes it comfortable, fun (we laugh a ton) and the studio is not intimidating. It is a great workout every time, and I leave feeling energized and stronger. A big thing for me is that Amy and all the trainers know everything about exercise, nutrition and how the body works for achieving the results you want. Through the training from Amy, my knee has never been stronger (without surgery) because she teaches me how to do exercises the right way. For my schedule, I do a half hour and it is great. I get an intense workout in that half hour and can get on with my day! I truly look forward to each workout with Amy in the studio.

Favorite Exercise: Kettlebell Swings or TRX

Least Favorite Exercise: Frog Jumps or Pull-ups

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