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Marilyn V.

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Why Marilyn is our Client of the Month: Training Marilyn has been such a joy! Her trainer, Zan, has loved seeing her go from a place of intimidation when it comes to working out, to now a place of confidence and strength. Marilyn has lost 11.5 pounds and 14.5 inches, gained over 150% strength on both her upper and lower body, and improved her flexibility by an impressive 11 inches! Zan admires her courage and dedication to her program and her new lifestyle, and is very proud of what she has accomplished so far. She loves watching her do things that were once impossible!

About Marilyn (age 76): I have lived many places but now retired in wonderful Colorado. I taught elementary school in California and loved my career. I have three children, one local, one in Korea and another in Australia. I also have five grandchildren, ages 17 to 1 1/2.

Fitness Goals: Increased flexibility, improved tone, and weight loss. I want good health and energy in order to enjoy relationships with friends and family in the coming years. My progress so far is beyond my expectations. I have a new understanding of what it means to eat right.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer, Zan Brazil: Zan is an excellent motivator. She has outstanding knowledge and abilities in her field. She is patient and accepting. I am grateful for the time she takes to teach about diet. The studio surpasses my expectations. It is roomy, quiet and feels professional. The staff cares about the clients.

Favorite Exercise: Anything that works my despised thighs

Least Favorite Exercise: Any exercise that involves a plank

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