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Congratulations Kerry!

Why Kerry is our Client of the Month: Kerry is a full-time working mom of 3 kiddos who gets to the studio at 5:30 am to get her workout in before her crazy day starts. She has done both of our Balanced Habits programs, first doing KICK START with great results, and coming back to do the Life program to reach the rest of her goal and make sure her new habits stuck. She has lost an amazing 22 pounds and 14.5 inches! Think you don’t have time to work out or prepare healthy meals for your family? When those thoughts enter your mind think of Kerry, she’s a great inspiration of how to get it all done. You Rock, Kerry!

About Kerry (age 39): My husband Matt and I have been married for 11 years. We have 3 active kids Will (9), Grahm (7), and Lydia (5). I work full time from home developing food safety and brand standard forms.

Fitness Goals: To just feel better about me, and to be able to keep up with my kids!

What She Likes About the PBY Studio and/or Her Trainers: They taught me that the number on the scale isn’t as important as how you feel!

Favorite Exercise: Anything involving jumping.

Least Favorite Exercise: Pull-ups and planks.

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