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Dawn K.

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Congratulations Dawn!

Why Dawn is our Client of the Month: In Chelsey’s words, Dawn is the client of the month for one simple reason: she turned off the voice that said she couldn’t, and turned up the volume on the one that said she can and will!  We love working with Dawn, she has such dedication and never complains or makes excuses, she just gets the work done. Not only has she come so far in her training, she also made a commitment to changing her eating habits, and we saw the competitive side in her come out – she won our spring KICK START nutrition program by losing 10.26% of her body weight in 28 days!  That’s over 15 pounds and more than 7 inches, simply amazing.  Way to set an example, Dawn!

About Dawn (age 58):  I have been married for 37 years to my high school sweetheart. My son Sean is 33 and lives not far from us. I was an auditor for 29 years until my path changed and I joined my family in our Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication business. My brother-in-law and I run a team of 19 to create commercial/residential kitchen equipment for schools, restaurants, hospitals, homes and anywhere that stainless is needed. We have taken a company that during the economic downfall of 2007-2008 was almost non-existent to a prosperous, profitable, sustained cornerstone of manufacturing.

Health & Fitness Goals:  My goal last year was to take time for myself; however, January 4, 2016 I slipped on our wonderful Colorado ice and damaged my shoulder. It took the entire year of 2016 to mend a frozen shoulder. Soooo 2017 was now my target. My initial goal was to lose weight and get in shape. I learned quickly that I was not in very good shape. However, I had the will to do whatever was asked of me to feel better.  I joined the 28 Day Kick Start along with about 30 other people. It was an excellent program. Again, I just followed the guidelines and tried to stay on track. After the first week actually losing weight and being in first place motivated me to press forward. When my family started noticing the changes that were happening helped me to continue to the finish line.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainer: In March I contacted Amy at PBY and began my work on me! I have been training with Chelsey for about 3 months. She's in her 20's and me tipping 60, so she tries to keep me on my toes; which is a challenge for her. The facility is very personal to me and my trainer. When you're there, even if someone else is training, I feel I have undivided instruction and attention. I have met some new people that I am glad to call friends. Chelsey pushes me to what she knows I can do to make me feel more confident and gain the strength needed to move on and be the person I was made to be!

Favorite Exercise:  Anything with my arms. Trying to tone is harder when you're older.

Least Favorite Exercise: I am totally uncoordinated, so I am not comfortable standing on the blue disks! 

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