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Congratulations Rob!

Why Rob is our Client of the Month:  Rob is dedicated and committed to reaching his goals. He is training long and hard with a disciplined diet to achieve better health and stamina for his future. He demonstrates it with every workout! Working out 3 mornings a week has become a new habit for Rob and he is reaping the benefits. Rob has progressed from simple body weight moves to athletic compound movements, which require balance and coordination. With Rob’s weight loss goals we work on large muscle groups using heavy weight to torch the calories. Rob’s strength and functional movement has improved dramatically. As an example, in February he needed supportive assistance for a static leg lunge. Now, Rob is a walking lunge champ! He takes pride in correct form and I am thrilled with his progress. I can’t wait to see how he transforms as more weight melts off and his athleticism begins to shine. Pick-up basketball games and taking the grandkids to Disney World are all within his reach. Go Rob!!!

About Rob (age 54): I am married to my wife (Lisa) of 36 years and have 4 great children. We have lived in Colorado for 31 years. We moved here to start a commercial swimming pool business and have never looked back! Lisa and I have 3 grandchildren and have come to realize that in order to be part of their lives we needed to be fit to endure the rigorous activity of young ones. In January, I started with Balanced Habits and learned what I should eat and when. In mid-February, I embarked on the fitness side coming into the studio twice a week, and recently increased to 3 times weekly. The results have been wonderful, I am down over 40 pounds and have lost more than 10 inches making me feel better and better about myself. Shoot, I even have a new wardrobe and look forward to the next downsizing wardrobe!

Health & Fitness Goals: I plan through disciplined eating habits and a good well-rounded fitness routine to restore my body to the optimum health I once enjoyed in my younger years. I still have a long way to go to get to my goal weight, however, I go by the motto "I did not come this far just to make it this far”. It has been nice to be able to spend more time active on my feet and not have to endure the painful joints that I experienced in the past. I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits associated with good health.

What He Likes About The PBY Studio and/or His Trainer: This is truly a fantastic place! Literally all the people I sweat with in the studio are so upbeat and encouraging. My trainer Alicia is amazing. She takes great care in her plan for me making sure to put together a balanced body workout during my weekly visits. She documents all that I do so she can monitor my progress. I am grateful to her for all the time and effort that she spends on my behalf to help me achieve my fitness goals. I do look forward to my time in the studio largely because of her and the people there. I would be remiss if I did not mention that I am grateful Amy has created an inviting business model. I would highly recommend to anybody with desires for improved health and fitness to come take part in all that PBY has to offer!

Favorite Exercise: Cardio/Upper body/Core

Least Favorite Exercise: Just about anything legs!

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