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Laura E.

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Congratulations Laura!

Why Laura is our Client of the Month:  Laura is such an inspiration!  She is a full-time working mom with a family to manage.  For anyone thinking they don’t have time to make their health and fitness a priority, just look at Laura!  She has the same packed 24 hours in a day as everyone else, so she gets up early and attends a 5:30 am class daily (and even 7:30 am on Saturdays when her schedule allows) so that no matter how crazy the day gets, she doesn’t have to worry about getting that time in for herself later in the day.  If she can do it, you can too!  Not only that, but she participated in our January KICK START, and won 2nd place.  Most people would look at her and say she didn’t have it to lose, but she blew us all away by dropping 10 pounds (7.69% of her body weight!) in just 28 days!  She continued the program on her own, and we are thrilled to see how happy she is at her goal weight.  You rock, Laura!

About Laura (age 46):  I am a high school math teacher, cross country and track coach.  I am married and have two daughters, 7 and 8 years old.  I met my husband when we were both in Hockey 101 classes for adults who want to learn to play ice hockey.  :-) I have been a distance runner since I was 10 years old and my P.E. teacher started a jogging club and a "weight club" (if I remember correctly) for any students who were 5 pounds or more overweight.  I fell in love with running and ended up running cross country in high school and college (in a low-key program).  I've completed 20 marathons and the Pikes Peak Ascent a few times since those early running days.  

Fitness Goals:  My main health and fitness goals are to maintain an optimum weight, improve my strength to complement my running and help keep me as injury-free as possible at my age.  My weight has always fluctuated 10-15 pounds throughout the year, depending on how much I am running and I wanted that to end.  I registered for the Pikes Peak Ascent again in August and am excited to see how the strength training at PBY helps in my training and in the race this year.

What She Likes About The PBY Studio and/or Her Trainers:  What I LOVE about the PBY studio is that I have found an exercise routine that I absolutely love doing.  I feel as if Amy researches the best nutrition programs to offer clients as well.  (I highly recommend the Healthy Habits Kick Start!!) The workouts in the small group classes are challenging, change daily, the early morning class fits perfectly into my schedule year-round, I saw results quickly, and the people I get to work out with every day are fun and supportive. I love that the workouts Austen and Amy create can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels or random injuries/aches/pains and I feel as if I am getting a great workout in 30 minutes.  A bonus is that both are just great people as well and I feel as if the PBY trainers want to help me achieve whatever health and fitness goals I have.   I truly look forward to going every morning!

Favorite Exercise:  I'd have to say any type of plank.

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything involving counting or battle ropes.

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