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Congratulations Jackie!

Why Jackie is our Client of the Month: Jackie is a mom and holds down a full-time job, yet still makes it a priority to get to the studio at 5:30 am. When she decided to see if “good enough” could get any better (and with a beach vacation coming up) she signed up for our Balanced Habits Life program, and in 3-months learned better eating habits and the right amount of food (she wasn’t eating enough for her activity level, check out the video of her experience HERE). Jackie lost an amazing 12 pounds and 14 inches and most certainly rocked that bikini! Keep up the great work Jackie, you are an inspiration to many!

About Jackie (age 37): The most important thing about me is being a Mom to my two girls, Madison and Sarah. I love watching them grow and enjoy so many of the same thing that I have loved all my life – being outdoors, hiking, camping and skiing. I have a wonderful husband of 10 years who is a great partner and helps keep everything running smoothly with our world. I am a working Mom and at times struggle with the balance of reaching career goals while being present for the activities and events of having a family – but I do my best which is probably a lot like most working moms out there as well.

Fitness Goals: My biggest fitness goals are simply to continue to enjoy the activities that I have always loved as I get older. I also feel it is important to be healthy on the inside and not just look the part! Although I work hard to reach my fitness goals - like working out bright and early and making healthy eating choices- I also think that it is important to leave room to splurge and enjoy friends and family and relax a bit.

What She Likes About the PBY Studio and/or Her Trainers: I love that the group classes are small, and you get the benefits of individual attention and group support all wrapped into one. Austen is our trainer and we think he is fantastic! He always has a great attitude which is contagious. I feel the small group classes are perfect and really work out your entire body in just 30 minutes a day. My workout group is also a huge part of what makes the class so special – they truly keep me motivated and are there to laugh (or complain) with me every day!

Favorite Exercise: HMMMM - I think kettlebell swings!

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything that requires a lot of coordination – not so great in that department (ha!)

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