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De Etta

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Why De Etta is our Client of the Month: De Etta is one of the most courageous women we have ever met!  She has gained strides in flexibility, strength, and endurance – because she shows up, and she does not quit.  She is an amazing person and we are honored to get to work with her.  You rock, De Etta!

About De Etta (age 70):I am a retired Attorney, mother of one, and grandmother of 2.  I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s for the past 8 years.  Before Parkinson’s, I loved to be active – rode my bike up Vail Pass from Fresno, attended Bastyr University in Seattle to learn about nutrition, graduated from herb school in Boulder, and started my own herb business. 

Fitness Goals: To be more mobile and all that implies such as play with my grandkids, travel, cook and go on walks with my husband.

What She Likes About the PBY Studio and/or Her Trainers: It is a very friendly place and very supportive of me.  My trainer understands my current condition and what will help me.  I always feel better after my session with Kristina and I move better – at least long enough to get out the front door.

Favorite Exercise: Stretching and Boxing.

Least Favorite Exercise: Pulling weights from the cable machine across my chest.

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