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Balanced Habits KICK START

Everything You Need To Know About The Balanced Habits KICK START Program!

What is Balanced Habits KICK START?

  • A proven 28-day nutrition program that is customized for whatever your goals are - weight loss, gaining lean muscle, preparing for an event, or just looking and feeling better. Everything is laid out for you from what to eat (you pick the foods you like!), how much (no counting calories or grams of anything!), and at what times.

What is included?

  • You receive weekly menus, recipes, grocery lists, individualized portion sheets, weekly weigh-ins, accountability, education, exercise recommendations, and coaching from your local nutrition experts. Important note for those who don't like to cook...while we encourage it, you can do this whole program without "cooking" a single meal!
  • We also throw in some fun group exercise activities to promote more cardio and have a lot of fun with your peers taking on this same challenge!
  • Discounted training packages will be available if you are looking for a little more individual coaching.

Are there prizes?

  • Absolutely, we have an array of prizes for all kinds of things - this is a super fun program! The top three who lose the biggest percentage of body weight will be the big award winners, and we have raffle prizes you earn tickets for throughout the program.

How much does it cost?

  • The entire KICK START is only $219 if you register by April 30th. . On May 1 the price increases to $229, and on May 8 it increases to $239. Registration closes May 15th or when all spots fill, whichever comes first.

When does it start?

  • The mandatory orientation is Friday, May 18th at 6 pm at the Powered By You Training Studio. This is where each challenger receives their actual program and learns everything they will need to know for the next 28 days to transform their bodies. It lasts about an hour and is MANDATORY to attend!

What else do I have to do?

  • You'll come to the studio for about 10 minutes for your initial weigh-ins on either Thursday 5/10 from 5-7 pm, or Friday 5/11 or Saturday 5/12 between 7-9 am. You'll fill out a couple forms, have your measurements/weight recorded, and take your "before" photo (please do NOT wear black!).
  • Each week you'll stop by the studio for about 10 minutes on either Friday or Saturday mornings from 7-9 am to weigh in, have your journal checked, and get your program for the next week.

How much will I really lose?

  • If you follow the program as recommended, the average challenger will lose 5-15% of their body weight!

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